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general services


Full Service Commercial Lawn Care

Maintaining a healthy lawn involves using proper maintenance practices throughout the growing season. Correct mowing, fertilizing, irrigation and thatch control provide a dense, healthy, high-quality lawn. We take pride in the education our team has to maintain your property all year long. Our annual lawn care program guarantees you a scheduled maintenance plan to insure your property is optimally healthy. This program is cyclical which allows clients to start anytime of the year.


Tree Pruning and Removal

Trees play a large part in making properties maintain beauty and overall health. To ensure your trees will continue to flourish with natural beauty, proper care is needed. Quality Grounds specializes in performing tree pruning and tree removal services to preserve the natural strength, statue, and seasonal character trees add to your property. By addressing architectural tree care concerns such as safety, structural integrity, shape and appearance, you can be assured you will get the most out of your property.

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Sod Installation

When it comes to having lush grass quickly, sod is your solution. Unlike traditional seeding, sod is instant satisfaction. Because sod is fully mature the day it is installed, your property is immediately a thing of beauty. Sod is also a versatile investment - being professionally grown in the highest quality soil, sod makes for a denser yard as well as preventing soil erosion that may occur with other traditional methods.

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Your objective is to cover your bare property as quickly and as efficiently as possible with grass. Hydroseeding is among the most economical and popular choices to effectively establish luscious, green turf. Hydroseeding provides your property with a thick, uniform turf that virtually consists of a mat of interlocking fibers that create the ideal growing environment. Because hydroseeding is a slurry of seed sprayed over your property, it also provides the benefits of erosion control, water retention and application versatility.


Exclusive Services


Site work

Quality Grounds can efficiently and economically accomplish numerous projects including road creation, home site preparation, and pond digging. Our experienced team is trained to operate state of the art equipment to professionally prepare your property site for the construction phase of your project. From grading to pond digging, Quality Grounds can accomplish your requests while providing superior service from the ground up.

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Snow Removal

Quality Grounds sets the standard for safety, efficiency, and promptness in the services we provide to our clients. When the weather brings snow and ice, your property may become dangerous. We want to ensure your property remains as safe as possible for you and your clients. We are fully prepared with a fleet of trucks and snow removal equipment as well as commercial salt spreaders. Because snow may come at any time, we offer 24-Hour emergency snow removal. Promoting a safer property is our goal for you.

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Mulch Installation

Mulch improves the appearance of many properties by offering an attractive, thorough, and professional appeal. Mulch also enhances the beauty, health, and color of a landscape. Because we are about providing our clients with quality services, we use mulch blowers to distribute and spread mulch. This application process not only saves our clients time and money, it also provides the smoothest and cleanest distribution of mulch. Mulch blowing assures steep slopes and hills receive the same evenly distributed layer of mulch as level surfaces. One of the most important advantage of mulching is the long-term affect it provides to your property. Mulch protects soil from erosion, significantly reduces weed growth, retains soil moisture allowing water to penetrate into the soil, and adds valuable nutrients to the soil.

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Installing a hardscape design into your property layout can create texture, depth and visual diversity to your property. Such hardscape elements include retaining walls and pavers. These elements also increase the value of your property because of the longevity provided.

Retaining walls are important to properties. Being a structure that prevent downslope movement and provide superior support for vertical or near vertical grade changes. Concrete retaining walls are also used to provide a decorative feature to properties.

Concrete pavers can also add an enhanced visual and applicable appeal to your property. Pavers are extremely versatile because there are endless styles and colors. Utilizing the paver can result in a one-of-a-kind walkway or patio on your property. We offer to set pavers in mortar and concrete as well as compacted gravel and sand.


Underground Utilities

Our team is equipped to design, install, and repair drainage systems that can give your property the most beneficial control of water flow into your property. Drainage systems are installed to control the amount of water that flows into and out of your landscape. Water is the key element to a healthy environment but can also be a hazard if not controlled. Installing the correct type of drainage system for your property needs will best regulate the amount of water the landscape is receiving. By doing so will result in optimal health of your property as a whole.
Drainage is also very important when dealing with various environmental factors such as storm water runoff. Excess storm water runoff can lead to detrimental erosion of landscapes and wash sediment into receiving waterways. Installing storm drainage systems will allow for excess storm waters to be directed to proper areas instead of potentially causing problems to your property.

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Concrete and Asphalt

Concrete and asphalt are the two most commonly used materials when properties are in need of sidewalks, driveways, and or parking lots. Both materials are strong, long-lasting, and every bit a key asset to a well maintained property. Our team has the proper equipment, tools and expertise to install and repair your concrete or asphalt needs. Whether it's designing and paving a custom parking lot or repairing a sidewalk, we are equipped to provide proper installation and repair. We offer a wide variety of concrete and asphalt services including but not limited to parking lots, curbs, gutters, driveways, sidewalks, and retaining walls.